@PeopleOfCanada Blogg100/56

Writing this for an international crowd. Move along, nothing to see.

I think I’ve wrote sometime before that I lived in Canada for almost a year back in 2004-2005. Two semesters of studying at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. Two semesters of eating breakfast, lunch and dinner in the cafeteria as there were no kitchen in our house. A lot of studying, but even more fun and games. Not having to do grocery shopping, coocking and cleaning up left a lot of time for working out, takling and basically having a good time.

We where such a great bunch hanging out together all the time, always someone around to talk to, have a beer with, go out and play frisbee or just sit around and study with. And all of a sudden one of them shows up as @PeopleOfCanada, the Canadian equivalent of @Sweden.

Chris, as a tribute, here are some of the pictures of you that I have in my files.

Language skillz

Chris showing off his language skills by not giving a shit while reading Aftonbladet.

No one sports a tuque as a Canadian.

No one sports a tuque as a Canadian.


Bad boy Chris!

Chris flexing, Florida and Steve are not that impressed.


Tall Axel (one of the other swedes in T Bay) and Chris having a beer in Vitabergsparken a few summers back.

Theese are the images I can put up here now that Chris is famous. (Although I have some others saved for blackmailing when he becomes rich and famous.)

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